OKeeffe Clan Family Tree

The main page contains the "Contents" and "Contact" information and a brief introduction to the O'Keeffe Clan Family Tree. There are six sections to the "Contents".

1. Surnames:

This is a one page list of the surnames in the family tree. This is very helpful when the spouse surname is known rather then finding your way through all the O'Keefes. Please note that there are no "O'Keefe" or "O'Keeffe" this is by design. Any name that starts with O', Mac, Mc, etc. has that prefix added after the first name so you can easily see all the Keefes and O'Keefes at the same time. You can tell the difference because the O'Keefe will have the (O') after the first name. As an example, under Keefe three is an entry for Elizabeth A (O'). This means that she is an O'Keefe. The other names with out the (O') are Keefes. Even Connell, Connor, and Donnell, are really O'Connell, O'Connor, and O'Donnell.

2. Contact:

This is to contact us if you want to make changes or be added to the O'Keeffe Clan Family Tree. Also please let us know if there are any errors or changes you would like to see made. The contact information is located near the bottom of the main page, just below the "Contents "

3. Home Card:

Currently this is not set and may display different people until such a time as a single person is designated as the Home Card. Current suggestion is for the American artist, Georgia O'Keeffe.

4. Index:

The index is a list of the all the names in the O'Keeffe Clan Family Tree sorted by last name then first name. Please read the note about surnames above.

5. Sources:

An attempt has been made to make sure everyone in the family tree has a source. See additional information below to find the source for a person.

6. Help: (This page)

There is also a link to this page at the bottom of all the pages in the O'Keeffe Clan Family Tree.

Additional Information:

There are three types of pages for each person: family card, person sheet, and the family tree (ancestral chart). As an example, when selecting Richard Carlysle Keefe, there is an icon of a tree and camera icon next to his name. The camera icon will open all pictures and pdf documents associated with this person. The tree icon will show the ancestral chart of person selected. If you select the person, you get the person sheet and see the icon(s) again as well as superscript number(s) for the reference page.

On the person sheet, there is a number after the source superscript numbers. This is a unique identifier for this person. Please include this number when contacting us about a particular person. If there is a second number, it will be the reference to Find a Grave website. There should be a link at the bottom of the Find a Grave notes as well as the source page.

Please note that many of the links in the Person Sheet an Source Page should work. Unfortunately, it will not open a new window and you will be taken away from the O'Keeffe Clan Family Tree page.