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The O'Keefe Motto

by Anthony Okieffe

The O'keefe Motto was created centuries ago, though there is no proper and confirmed date of creation, where it was created or who was credited with its creation, though it is certain that it was an original Irish O'Keefe. The Motto is written in both Latin and Irish Gaelic, now being seen with its English translation.


The Motto in Latin is: “Forti et fideli nihil difficile.”


In Irish Gaelic, the Motto is as follows: “Do na daoine atá cróga agus dílis níl a dhath doiligh.”


In English, the Motto translates as: “For the brave and faithful, nothing is difficult.”


There also has been speculation that there is a Norman-French translation, seeing that most Irish family mottoes were done in either Latin or Norman-French, but there is no recorded evidence of such a version of the O'Keefe Motto.